Andrew and Ben’s Visit

This weekend we were very lucky to have Andrew and his son Ben in town from Houston.

As many of you know, Adam and I met at Andrew’s wedding in Jamaica.

His son, Ben is one month younger then our Ben. When you have kids the same age, it really helps keep the friendship close. You can compare notes. And most importantly, you can play date!

They also have another son who stayed back with mommy, Eliot. Eliot is 6 months older than the twins.

So this weekend instead of the usual 5 boys and me, it was 7 boys and me.

What was the best part of the weekend? I think it was different for everyone.

For me it was standing back on the many stroller walks we took through the neighborhood while Andrew, Adam and all the kids raced ahead. I  couldn’t help but giggle as I watched the curious onlooker who were parted by two strollers, a bike, and two men. I could see their eyes wondering what was going on. Andrew and Adam looked like a modern day gay couple with their adopted kids! I only wished we had an Indian or African American friend along to really confuse everyone!

imageI think the our boys really liked having their first sleep over. They all dressed in matching “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” outfits and snuggled into one bed.

Adam reading books before bed.

Adam reading books before bed.

For Ben Wong, I think it was the never ending play date and all the new experiences.image

I’m not sure what Andrew liked best, the afternoon of football watching or all the naughty eating we did.

At Shine. We also hit portillos, homeslice, sweet Mandy bs, and Meli cafe.

At Shine. We also hit portillos, homeslice, sweet Mandy bs, and Meli cafe.

I know Adam’s favorite thing was having all his family and his good friend together, all enjoying themselves in his house. I enjoyed that too.image

Even thought it wasn’t intentional, I can’t help the fact that every time I see Andrew and Karen I’m aware that they are directly responsible for good fortune in my life. Without them, there would be no Adam and there would be no Calisoff clan. And for that, I’m forever grateful.

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Back to the Old Grind

We humans are quite adaptable. It’s amazing how quickly we can completely change our environments and meld right in without any anxiety. In fact for the past week I’ve not felt a hint of nervousness. Perhaps if I had ventured into the drivers seat of our passenger side driving seat and tried to drive on the other side of the road it might have given me a flutter or two. I know Adam kept cursing himself every time he wanted to put on the turn signal and once again found himself turning the windshield wipers on instead.

After six months of careful diet I threw it all to the wayside. I could not believe how easy it was to not even think about calories. And I don’t even want to admit what I let the kids eat.

Once we were out of the country I barely checked my emails. Amazing considering that I can’t go a day in Chicago without checking them at least once.

Adam and I, who love to see how much we can possibly fit into one day started a lazy routine that included not much more than eating and playing on the beach with the kids.

Finally I didn’t feel like exercising once.

Who was I in Cayman?

The Wongs and Calisoffs at the Tiki Bar in Cayman

When we arrived back to our home in Chicago real life hit me. All of a sudden the rush was on. How quickly could I get to the supermarket and pick up dinner? I wondered as I shoved clothes from the suitcase into the laundry. I’d better call and order I thought while making a mental grocery list and sorting mail.

Life was back to it’s hectic pace.

And as quick as I shed my Chicago skin when I left, I grew another one. Must book the gym, must eat healthy, must call friends and organize some play dates for the kids, must file, must do the monthly video and photos. (Which are up, by the way. You can click on them to the right under the title ‘July 2011’ under ‘Youtube Videos’ and ‘Facebook Photos’.)

As much fun as I had on holiday, it’s always nice to come back home. I’m happy to see the DVR full of new shows, happy to see my friends again, happy start checking off the rest of the fun and exciting stuff I have planned for the kids this summer. I’m excited to be back on my own computer playing with my modern day scrap book, my somewhat censored diary – this blog.

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Cayman Again

Our last day in Cayman we decided to explore the island a bit. We hit the Turtle Farm. I’d hardly say it was value for money but it was still an interesting excursion.

Turtle Farm

Just the shear volume of turtle alone was shocking. Judging by the size, many were probably over 100 years old, which made me feel almost youthful somehow. Thanks turtles.

Predator Reef

Predator Reef had this great underwater viewing area that would have kept me in awe if I were not so spoiled by the Lincoln Park Zoo and Shedd Aquarium.

There were two cool splash pool areas where you could wade with the fish but again, we were so spoiled by Seven Mile Beach’s white sandy beach, clear waters and great snorkeling that we skipped it and headed back to the villa after a quick walk around.

And of course, after our morning out, Aunt Hopey came by bearing all the good Jamiacan food from my childhood, Ox Tail, Jerk Pork, Curry Chicken, Callaloo, Rice and Beans, Fried Plantains, Cassava Cake and a first for me, Grape Nut Ice Cream. 

Our Jamaican Feast

We pigged again. I’m on a serious diet when we return.

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Hopey the Matchmaker

Last night, in the spirit of continued gluttony, we had dinner last night at Ragazzi with the beautiful and always kind spirited Aunt Hopey.

Hopey and Tom

Although we met at Andrew and Karen’s wedding, Hopey has been given the title of first matchmaker. She wasn’t the only one pushing Adam and I together but she was the first one who eyed us both over and it clicked in her head. She made no secret of it. Instead she came right up to the both of us, while we were standing together, and informed us that the other one was single while raising her eyebrows knowingly. It made for an awkward silence which I filled with the comment, ‘well this is awkward’.

Now that there is nothing left to be awkward about, it was lovely to see her and her charming partner Tom for dinner and to learn a bit more about the island and what it’s like to live here.

The huge dinner last night didn’t stop us from our vacation eating frenzy. Without hesitation we woke up and headed to the Ritz Carlton for the buffet breakfast…

Ritz Breakfast Buffet


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