Mother’s Day 2019

The lead up to this mother’s day filled me with incredible dread.

For someone who has a tendency to turn memories into something rosier, wittier, funnier, and brighter than their original, I was surprised how exacting my memory was of last year’s Mother’s Day. Trying to force your kids to appreciate you at the prescribed time and place is a losing proposition. I felt I had all to clearly learned that lesson last year and didn’t need a repeat reminder.

The entire week before Adam asked me what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day. I kept telling him I would think about it.

I searched my brain to find something all the kids could participate in without meltdowns or bad attitudes. Sadly I couldn’t think of a single activity that would guarantee that.

I felt stuck. If I didn’t plan anything, I would be upset we didn’t celebrate. If I did plan something, there was a big chance it would make the day worse.

My normally decisive brain was paralyzed.

I couldn’t even decide what to eat for breakfast. When I asked Jack if we should do our usual donut and egg sandwich celebration breakfast, he answered. “It sounds good but it’s up to you. It’s your day.”

We were driving in the car, his body, now two inches taller than my own, was slumped comfortably in the passenger seat. When did he grow up and get so mature?

Donuts and egg sandwiches denote celebration in our house, so I reasoned I should go ahead. Plus I forgot to get Aaron a glazed donut last week during his birthday. We are so busy trying the specialty flavors that poor Aaron has never tried the most popular kind of donut!DSC_0244

When I got back from the donut shop, a pile of cards and presents awaited me. Gift cards and reflexology and Godiva chocolate and money!

Adam had the kids all draw me pictures for mother’s day. It was really sweet. Ben colored a heart beautifully, with a shading technique on the edges. Jack drew a row of flowers. Aaron drew an “I love you” machine. And Sam did adorable little hearts and picture of himself? DSC_0249So far, so good.

In the morning I planned a play date for the twins. Each picked a kid to invite over. I tried desperately to get them to play tag and sardines. I won for about 30 minutes. The rest of the time the Xbox won. Still the play date took the pressure off me, weirdly sometimes more kids around is easier than less.

Finally when it seemed to be going well, I suggested we head over to the Burger Bar for dinner.IMG_1290

It was a rough start getting everyone out of the front door but luckily the meal and company was completely enjoyable. We played a silly game where the kids took turns choosing another mother and father. Adam and I were quickly married off to other relatives, friend’s parents, and Marvel Superheros.

In the end, it was an enjoyable mother’s day. Perhaps it helped that I lowered my expectations a bit? Or maybe the kids matured a bit more?

Whatever it was, I’ll take it. Happy Mother’s day to all the mother’s out there reading this! I hope your day didn’t suck. If nothing else, I hope it was better than last year.

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Twin’s Seventh Birthday

I asked the twins where they would like their seventh birthday party and they both yelled out, “Dave and Busters!”

Immediately I went into a state of panic. Dave and Buster’s, once referred to by a fellow parent as “Vegas for kids”, is an impossible venue to watch kids in. Two large rooms with lots of corners to get lost in coupled with questionable, alcohol laden patrons is not the first thought I have when I think kid friendly.

The few times we’ve gone, I’ve spent the entire time wandering between the rooms frantically counting the head of all my children. One, two, three, four. Good. One, two, three, four. Still good. One, two….

I was sure I could not host a party there and actual do a good job. It’s hard to converse with other adults while internally counting over and over again in my head.

But I didn’t say no. I said, let me take you to a new trampoline park that just opened and then you can decide.

Luckily, the twins were happy to host the party at the trampoline park. Also I bribed them. If they chose the trampoline park, I promised to take them to Dave and Busters the day after their birthday as part of the whole birthday package.

The day started with the traditional birthday donuts and egg sandwiches.DSC_0124Their birthday was on a Friday and we hosted the party that evening at Altitude Trampoline Park. DSC_0135 DSC_0129 DSC_0134 DSC_0140As part of Altitude’s birthday package, they cleared the dodge ball arena for a private game with just the birthday guests.DSC_0151Afterwards, we had pizza and sandwiches.DSC_0156As per tradition, Adam organized the cake. DSC_0162Which is how we ended up with this four layer fudge and vanilla cake monstrosity. The remains of which will be my breakfast for the next week. And possible lunch and dinner too. Definitely dessert.DSC_0165 IMG_4563Afterwards, even though it was super late, we let them stay up even later to open their birthday presents. DSC_0169Don’t they look thrilled?DSC_0172They got a ton of thoughtful and exciting gifts will keep them busy for a long, long time!

The next day was another celebration. We didn’t go to Dave and Buster’s because my friend Pam told me about a new place called For the Win, which was smaller and had the allure of different prizes. We checked that out instead.IMG_0291The kids won a ton of points. Or maybe Adam spent a ton of money?

Either way, they all walked away super happy. Aaron got a disco ball, Sam and Jack got matching laser tag sets, and Ben got a POP Star Wars character.

The best part of the afternoon was how much the kids helped each other. Jack kept giving away his points and in the end, he had way less than the other kids. Then Ben gave Jack half his points so he could afford what he wanted.

Then we walked over to MingHin for a Dim Sum dinner.IMG_0315 IMG_0303Aaron had another request for his birthday. At the late age of seven, he had never had an ice cream sundae. We remedied that at Margies Candies.IMG_0325 IMG_0329 IMG_0333 IMG_0328It was a really great two day celebration, made even more special by the fact that Grandpa Devensky was in town. DSC_0125

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