Spring Break 2023

Ever since we have inherited my mother’s house, we have been enjoying quite a few holidays in Florida.

Whenever we get back to my childhood home, Adam turns to me and remarks about how happy I am.

It’s the truth.

I’m so happy whenever we are there.

Is it the fact that I am watching my children enjoy the childhood that I once enjoyed?

Jumping into the Pool that I Grew Up with on the Count of Three
Making Their Own Memories, Just Like I Did as a Kid
Playing Basketball on the Street
Watching the Stars from Grandpa’s Telescope

Or perhaps it’s all the family and friends we see when we are here?

In Addition to Being Aaron’s Favorite Seat, Grandpa Babysat Many Times and Hung Out with Us Lots.
Meeting My Friend From High School, Karen, at Kapow.
Dinner with Adam’s High School Buddy, Pete and his Wife Kelly at Luff’s.
Adam also Golfed with Pete another day while we were in Florida.
Jack’s High School Buddy from Chicago Visits us.
At Jessica’s Passover Pool Party

I also was lucky to see (but forgot to photo) some other friends from High School. Gina and her husband Mike drove an hour to see us. Kate stopped by twice. I also reconnected with a childhood friend, Brooke.

Or maybe it’s all the cool activities we get to do while we are down in Florida?

Jack Holds his Own in Round Robin Tennis with His Brothers.
Table Tennis, Bags, and Later Swimming at Jessica’s House
Jack Learning to Drive in Japo’s Car
Ben and I Visit the NSU Art Museum in Ft. Lauderdale while the Others Golfed.
Snorkeling at Blue Heron

Adam and I also managed to each run 5 miles a day.

I think’s not just one thing, it’s all these things: watching my children in my childhood home, seeing friends and family, and all the different activities we can do. And more! The relaxed holiday schedule, the warm sunny days, and the bonding time we have as a family all contribute to the exhilaration I feel every time I every time I visit.

Till next time, Florida…

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