Summer Trip to North Carolina

Ben’s last day of school was July 27th. As soon as he was free, we packed up and headed down to North Carolina to visit my sister.

View from our balcony

For the trip we managed to find a fantastic Airbnb not far from my sisters house with really great amenities.

Pool Table
Air Hockey
Basketball Net
Hot Tub

Grandpa arrived a few days before us and got some quality time with my sister and her family before we came along and hogged him for ourselves.

We did may fun activities that week.

Tubing in Cherokee
Tour of Mammoth Cave in Kentucky
Buying buckets of Candy at Mast General
Boat Ride in South Carolina on Brett and Mari’s boat.
White Water River Rafting in Nantahala

As much fun as the kids had doing all the different activities, my favorite part of the trip was the time spent visiting with my sister, father and many others who took time out of their busy schedules to spend time with us.

Celebrating Grandpa’s 81st birthday a early
Aaron’s new BFF, Uncle Brent.
My friend since kindergarten, Becca, drove 3 hours to visit us for a night.
Visiting Adam’s cousin Brett and his wife Mari in South Carolina
Visiting my cousin Matt and his family in Kentucky
The patriarch, Walter, with his two daughters, their husbands, and all his grandkids. And Clay’s dog, Gigit.

The only person I missed seeing was my good friend from college, Jennie. She lives close to my sister’s house but had been in close contact with someone with Covid and I didn’t want to risk seeing her while my 81 year old father was staying with us.

It was a wonderful trip, made better by the fact that my father travelled with us back to Chicago and I get the pleasure of his company for another week.

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