Visit from Japo

On Friday I realized my Mother, who arrived October 1st, was leaving in a short three days. Felt like she just arrived this visit and already she was leaving!

As usual, she tirelessly washed dishes and clothes, then found other projects like raking leaves and deep cleaning the stroller. She did this all while adoring our four snotty, bratty but somehow also irresistibly charming children.

She has the wisdom and age to know these are all just stages they are going through and even has the grace to laugh off their preferences for other family members when it suits them.

Still she found time to connect with all of them in their own ways.

DSC_0344 IMG_2076 IMG_2091

As for me, it was nice to have an adult around to chat to during the day, especially one with who knows me inside and out, someone who enjoys quite a few of the same things I do.

Until next time Mom!

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Coach Adam

After substituting for one of Jack’s games last year and having quite a fun time, Adam decided this year to up the ante and coach Jack’s team.


Coaching is a lot more work than you realize, and I have a new appreciation to all those parents who volunteer their time to do it.

Having said that, Adam is still really enjoying it.

DSC_0222He has a great team of boys with a lot of talent, which makes it all very pleasurable. His so far unbeaten record helps too.

And best of all, he gets to spend more time with his favorite team member…


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Tooth Fairy Decoder

The tooth fairy strikes again, but who knows for how much longer.

Now that Jack is eight, he was very suspicious of this decoder and clues…


He still enjoyed the chase to find his money, but I’d better be careful I don’t leave anything incriminating out in the future!


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Anjelica’s Wedding

Last night the twins had the pleasure of being ring bearer’s for their long time sitter, Anjelica.



They were suppose to walk with the cutie pie next to them but she refused to hold their hands, even though they were both down with it. And so it starts.

The twins played their parts perfectly. I was pleased and surprised that they were able to follow the instructions and remember them two days later at the actual wedding.


In fact, taking the kids to something like this, as hard as it is, (I spent most of my time walking back and forth to the bathroom, they did not appreciate the long car rides both ways or having to sit in their seats for hours eating and listening to the adults talk. Oh, and at the end of the evening Aaron puked all over Sam) it was really worth it.

Jack surprised me with his interest in social skills and how adventurous he was, trying all the new appetizers and giving the thumbs up for most of them. Shrimp cocktail, lobster salad, caprese toasts. I didn’t get him to eat the lamb chops but Ben did!

First of hopefully many good times together over drinks, in fancy dress. Probably won't be Shirley Temples and OJ, though...

First of hopefully many good times together over drinks, in fancy dress. Probably won’t be Shirley Temples and OJ, though…

We were very lucky to have my Mom here. Yep, Anjelica even invited her to the wedding. Japo couldn’t wait to see her grandkids down the aisle!

DSC_0315Overall it was an amazing night. The wedding was perfection. Every single detail. Perfect dress, perfect venue, perfect food, perfect flowers, perfect priest service, perfect speeches, perfect parents hosting and most importantly -the perfect couple.DSC_0321

Sam was enamored by Anjelica’s beauty (he is used to having her around in the clothes he covered with his sticky hands) that he tried to follow her around the entire wedding. Every time he saw her he would jump with glee.

We were so happy and humbled to be asked to join in this special day!


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Apple Overload

The bee sting has faded away but the fury in which I’m trying to use up these apples is still going strong.

Here’s what I’ve been busy with this week…


Doesn’t everyone start with apple pie? This time around I ditched my normal recipe. Sometimes the pie collapses and tastes gummy. Instead I tried this 5 star recipe: Grandma Ople’s Apple Pie. It was a winner. I’ll never go back.

Next I moved onto a German Apple Cake.


Insanely good. I think I ate half of it to myself. It used a full four cups of apples, which made me very happy.


We gifted apples to 7 different teachers at two schools, as well as doling them out to the babysitter, cleaning lady, and Adam’s office.


Apples made many appearances in lunch boxes and dinners. Simply sliced and, if needed to preserve the color, doused with lemon. On salads with cranberries, walnuts and goats cheese.

I also made Apple sauce in my slow cooker for another side dish.

DSC_0189I then proceeded to use the apple sauce to make these delicious Oats and Applesauce Muffins. Pretty healthy and yet another winner of a recipe.

DSC_0200I dried a few of them for snacking and putting into one of my favorite ways to make oatmeal – slow cooking steel cut oats with dried apples and cinnamon sticks.


I still have a huge bag of them! I’ll welcome any suggestions on how else to use them…

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Apple Picking 2015

On a last minute decision, we headed up to Harvest Time Orchards for our annual apple picking adventure.

Frankly lately I’ve wanted to do less with the kids.

I’m tired of trying to get them to conform to the rules and regulations of the civilized world.

I’m tired of the dirty looks from strangers.

I’m tired of feeling anxious every second. Vigilantly turning my head and counting to four over and over again, making sure they are all still there. I’m nervous one will be out of my sight for just one second, and in that second get run over by a car, stolen, hurt, lost, or any number of other insane thoughts I have that keep me awake at night.

So I was really weary today. Especially since it was the only weekend we could do it, and afterwards we had a soccer game and pizza party afterwards.

Over scheduling small children is the death of fun.

But Adam said, “Lets to it!”.

It reminds him of apple picking with his grandparents when he was a kid.

Reliving a happy family memory should never denied.

DSC_0127 DSC_0136

Because of the short notice, only the Pasquiers were able to join us…


Once it was all said and done, I was glad we made the effort.

Even though I got the first bee sting in my life…


Pleased to know I’m not allergic!

And Aaron thought it was a good idea to sample all the apples he picked, so when we went to load his apples in the car we discovered a little bite in each one…

And there was a lot of crying, including one particularly rough patch with Ben where a stranger, who was an Occupational Therapist, came up and asked how she could help. I guess it’s obvious to some people what’s going on in our lives. The rest of the people in the vicinity just gawked.

This was at the little playground they have. It’s a cute area where you can wait with the kids while one of the adults sits in the incredibly long line for donuts.

Hours of entertainment from four hay bales that form a square.

Hours of entertainment from four hay bales that form a square.

Tractor tires filled with sand.

Tractor tires filled with sand.

Rolling down the hill.

Rolling down the hill.

Turkeys, Goats, and a pig with an option to feed.

Turkeys, Goats, and a pig with an option to feed.

I think the best part of the day was watching the boys interact with each other, electronic free.


DSC_0165And then, after the long wait, the donuts arrived…


And now that we are back home, time to start searching the internet for apple recipes!

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L’shanah tovah 5775

In the year 5775, according to the Hebrew calendar, we joined a temple.

It’s time for Jack to start Hebrew school and we were hoping the rest of the kids were old enough to handle it as well.

Adam spent a ton of time and effort making sure we were ready for our first visit to Temple. He kitted the boys out in new clothes and fancy shoes and he spoke to them for a long time about what will happen when you go to temple.

Besides naming us ‘team quiet’, he tried to get them excited about the annual blowing of the shofar.

Our friend Elissa bought the kids matching, engraved Kippahs.

Our friend Elissa bought the kids matching, engraved Kippahs.

We started the morning trying to do another thing Adam had been trying to accomplish for years now, the first of hopefully many pictures of our family lined up from tallest to smallest. Eventually everyone will skip over me until I am in the last position!

First official line up, sort of.

First official line up, sort of.

It almost worked. Except Aaron, who refused to get into his position between Sam and Ben because the air conditioning grate was too scary.

But it took a while for even that to happen…


And the whole day was kind of like that. Full of good intentions and high hopes for the new year, but in reality just a jumbled up mess.

Heading to Temple. Always running, never walking.

Heading to Temple. Always running, never walking.

We picked the ‘family friendly’, shorten service. But even with the shortened time, Sam and Ben ended up wrestling each other out the door. Adam had to leave with them within 30 minutes.

Last sighting of this kippah.

Last sighting of this kippah.

Aaron and Jack made it almost to the end of service before they needed a bathroom break.

After carefully putting it into my bag, Jack took Aaron’s kippah out for him to play with and left it in the temple. So much for our cute matching kippahs.

Afterwards we took advantage of the lovely weather for a romp at Oz Park


DSC_0102Sam cried the entire way there. The only way I could get him to stop was to tell him we were in a park and he’d better not have any fun. No laughing, smiling, running or playing. So he defied me, his favorite thing to do in the world…

Finally a lunch at Homeslice.



Right after we took this picture bees swarmed the table and we had to move inside. The kids proceeded to wrestle and fight with each other the entire lunch.

Later, Ben slammed his door in the bathroom door.

I decided my new year’s resolution was to stop taking these kids out in public so much…

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Marvel Universe LIVE!

This afternoon, on a tip from my friend Nicole, we went to the Marvel Suerheros LIVE! show at the United Center.


It was a very entertaining and kid friendly show and I highly suggest it for kids ages 5 and up.

They used all sorts of tricks on top of the great costuming, like smoke, lasers, and lights. There were also motorcycle tricks, acrobatics, staged fighting, and clever sets.


We picked these balcony seats in the front row and the kids could see everything perfectly. As a bonus the twins could stand up and stick their noses to the glass without offending anyone.

A few tips if you are planning this adventure.

1. Don’t bring water bottles or food.
2. Cameras are allowed, but they ask that you keep the pictures for your own enjoyment.
3. There is an intermission about 45 minutes into the show.
4. Show runs about 2 hours.
5. There are a few concession stands open but not everything is open. Pretty much pizza, hot dogs, pretzels and nachos. Also popcorn, ice cream and cotton candy.
6. Parking is free, but it sucks leaving so plan extra time for that.
7. Perfectly acceptable to wear costumes to this event for both kids and adults.

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On a last minute whim, Adam booked us a last minute mini-vacation.

It was only a 30 minute drive from Chicago in the suburbs. So technically we didn’t go anywhere.

We didn’t vacate.

We stayed.

We had a staycation.

But in fact, we didn’t even have that. Because staycation infers leisure and enjoyment and in truth staying at the Lincolnshire Marriott ended up a lot more headache than just staying at home. It was a disaster!

It wasn’t a staycation.

It was a staycaster.

The hotel was one Adam remembers from childhood. A resort type hotel with swimming pools, game room, and little lake with paddle boats.

Cute for a quick get away with four small children, right?

Adam called the day before and confirmed directly with the hotel for adjoining rooms, one with king and the other with two double beds. He also confirmed that they still had the game room he remembered as a child.

Yesterday after the naps away we went!

When we arrived an hour after check in time, they didn’t have the adjoining rooms. The manager explained to us that they can not guarantee rooms together under any circumstance. He would have to check to see if that was available. It wasn’t.

Putting our kids on a completely different floor than us does sound tempting, Larry the Manager, but I’m pretty sure DCFS would have other ideas about that one.

Larry told us to hang out and wait while he sorted out rooms and he would find us later. We headed to the pool.


Someone’s back is going to be hurting tomorrow…

DSC_0082 DSC_0087

TWO HOURS LATER he brought keys to us. They were for two rooms that were next to one another, but not adjoining.

Maybe DCFS would look kinder on us, but probably not when they find a kid or two wandering the hotel in the middle of the night screaming and looking for our bedroom.

Adam went back again. This time they managed to get us two adjoining rooms, but no king bed. Fine.

That evening after room service we decided to wander down to the game room. It was gone. They got rid of it years ago.


Marriott meal, at least, was perfect as usual.

Oh, and there was an Indian wedding blaring music until 11pm right outside our window.

And the two rooms we outrageously had to ask for THREE times were right next to the elevator. After the blaring music stopped, I really enjoyed the group of shouters that woke me and Jack up around 12:45 in the morning.

And the kids did not adapt well to their new sleeping arrangements. They couldn’t sleep for hours after their normal bedtime, but they were up at the same time they usually wake. Of course!

The nicest part of the suburbs stay was going to our favorite suburb restaurants.

Like Walker Bros.


Utensils optional, Aaron.

Utensils optional, Aaron.

Afterwards we checked out the grounds, including their chef’s farm.

IMG_1823And a little more swimming…

DSC_0075After the swim, it was time to head home. We used the opportunity to stop at one more suburb favorite, the Claim Jumper.

Kitsch cowboy decor runs through the entire restaurant.

Kitsch cowboy decor runs through the entire restaurant.


And now onto the next adventure – school!

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