We have arrived in the Cayman Islands! Yippie!

The villa we rented is paradise. The white sand beach and calm, torquiose water is just steps from the door. It’s spacious, 3 bedroom layout is great for us now that we both have kids. We put them to bed then hang out and visit afterwards. A short visit, since we are all so old and tired we follow the kids to bed soon afterwards. Luckily we have more nights ahead!

I’m already feeling more relaxed. I’m sure I’ll be like jello by the end of the trip.

We are vacationing with the best kind of friends – foodies. We eat while talking about what we are going to eat next. The best part is they are old hands at Cayman and have already done the research. As I write this, Uncle Andrew is out buying us the best patties on the island. Mmmmm. I can’t wait to eat them with another childhood memory favorite – D & G Kola Champagne.


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