Father’s Day 2020

Happy Father’s Day to everyone!

Today was a beautiful day, and Adam took full advantage of it.

He woke up and went for a run.

After breakfast, he opened his present, a large acrylic print.

I used pictures from Jack’s Bar Mitzvah for this photo montage.

Then I ducked out for a bit to zoom with my own father for father’s day.

When I came back, Adam took Jack out for a run.

Then we had lunch.

Afterwards, Adam took Ben out for a run. (Do you see where this is all going, besides in a big circle for Adam?)

Next, Aaron had a turn playing soccer outside with Adam. Last but not least, Sam did a walk with Adam.

Aaron and Adam on their way to play soccer in the park.

In the evening, Adam had a well deserved burger, his dinner of choice for today.

For dessert, we ate desserts that Adam’s friend, who owns Dessert Box, delivered to him for his birthday yesterday.

Sampler Plate

By the end of the day, Adam finally took a well deserved rest.

Here is his phone’s step counter for the day….

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Adams 51st Birthday

Another birthday under Coronavirus!

I wonder how many of our family members will celebrate this way? Will we still be like this when my birthday rolls around in December? Only time will tell.

Adam didn’t seem bothered by the lack of things to do. In fact, since he is an over planner, having nothing to do and nowhere to go made it so he wasn’t too busy for once.

He was able to go out for a morning run, followed by a walk with Ben.

For his father’s day present, he asked that each kid spend time with him. Then he asked that each kid say how they wanted to spend time with him. There were requests for walks, reading and of course, video gaming.

Doctored up card from my father.

In the morning he opened up many cards and presents from family members.

Also this year he received phone call from many friends, many more than usual. He is not on social media so the fact that they remember is even more touching.

We got him Airpods. He is constantly telling clients to hold on a second, he just has to unravel or find his earphones. These go on much easier and they have a way to find them when they are lost.

Apple Airpods come with free engraving.

Also, we got him a pair of the new Allbirds Tree Runners. (I’m in love with the brand, well made but also woke.)

Adam requested pizza for dinner which we made from scratch.

For dessert, home made chocolate eclairs.

🎵 Happy Birthday to Adam. 🎵

Stay tuned for the second of Adam’s days this weekend – Father’s Day.

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