Hidden Creek Aqua Park Fun

We had a great day at the Hidden Creek Water Park today. With the husbands along, it made for a much more enjoyable, less stressful morning. It was super hot and gloriously sunny so the water felt great.

Believe it or not, we actually decided NOT to get the membership. For our family of three (Ben doesn’t count yet) it would cost $251. And the park is only open May 28th until September 5th. With the weather in Chicago, who knows how many times you could feasibly use it.

Instead we paid $12 for each non resident over 3 years old, a total of $36. Doing the math we’d have to visit 7 times to start saving money.

The water park occupied the boys for hours, and Jack didn’t even get to the sand pit. There was also a deep pool (6 lanes) with diving board and two slides for older kids which I’m hoping the boys will grow to in years to come. What else? A water playground with dumping bucket and slide, a huge zero-depth entry pool with smaller slide, water fountain sprays and a structure that funnels water that you can move around and vary the water pressure. They have lounge chairs everywhere and we were there early enough to be able to get ones under an umbrella for shade. Also a grassy area to picnic and a concessions stand to buy a picnic at.

I’m on a mission to check out all the water parks in the ‘burbs this summer but let’s see if we run out of summer days as perfect as today before I can complete it…

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Millennium Park Family Fun Festival

Today we checked out the Millennium Park Family Fun Festival.

The performer was the same singer we had at Ben’s 2nd birthday, which I think motivated us more. I know it kept me running instead of walking the 4.5 miles for fear I’d miss the start of the show.

Afterwards we spent the morning running in the fountain…

Followed by a lovely picnic on the lawn with the mom posse, with music wafting from the Petrillo band shell.

Just another fun filled summer day in Chicago! Summer in Chicago make winter all worth it. Or maybe winter make you appreciate summer more?!

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Ben’s Second Birthday

Having a kid born in the summer in Chicago is great for birthdays. It opens up all kinds of possibilities that could never occur during a winter month. We used the weather to our advantage. Adam spent a ton of time cleaning up the deck, arranging play mats, cutting branches and much more. His biggest feat, which shows what a determined husband I have, was to blow up a 6 foot pool with his lungs alone.

This expanded the area for play greatly. Of course, the kids thought the best part of the party was to run up and down the back stair well, using the various entrances to our house as ‘secret passageways’.

It was a zoo theme and we ended up arranging for the singer who plays at the zoo every week to come to our house.

Mr Singer playing for Ben's party

Do you remember the best sound in the world during summer when you were a kid? The music of the ice cream truck, right? Instead of cake we arrange to have the ice cream truck come by.

Who wants some Ice Cream?

We decided not to get cake, since an ice cream truck enough dessert for one day, but when Adam saw this bad boy in the supermarket he HAD to have it. I vehemently opposed. I let him buy it, figuring we could break it open in the privacy of our own home, but after his heavy handed pours of Skinny Girl, it didn’t seem so bad after all…

Ben's Hamburger Cake


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Summer is here!

Chicago is in a heat wave right now. Temperatures are in the 90s! When I picked Jack up from school yesterday, I realized they had NO AIR CONDITIONING! Perhaps it’s not a shock to people from this area but as a native born Floridian it’s shocking.

So when I saw temperatures in the 90s again today, I decided I couldn’t bear to send him there to suffer in the heat. Seeing his ruddy little cheeks at pick up yesterday made me feel terrible.

Instead we did the only thing you can do when it’s sunny and hot out – go to a park with a water element.

I jogged them over to Fellger Park, also managing a nice 30 minute run for myself.

We got a lot of dirty looks for bringing these!

It took Jack a while to get into the action but Ben ran right for the water without any fear…


Finally we ended the afternoon with the best part about a hot summers day, ice cream!

Ice Cream with Connor and Oscar

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