Ben’s Second Birthday

Having a kid born in the summer in Chicago is great for birthdays. It opens up all kinds of possibilities that could never occur during a winter month. We used the weather to our advantage. Adam spent a ton of time cleaning up the deck, arranging play mats, cutting branches and much more. His biggest feat, which shows what a determined husband I have, was to blow up a 6 foot pool with his lungs alone.

This expanded the area for play greatly. Of course, the kids thought the best part of the party was to run up and down the back stair well, using the various entrances to our house as ‘secret passageways’.

It was a zoo theme and we ended up arranging for the singer who plays at the zoo every week to come to our house.

Mr Singer playing for Ben's party

Do you remember the best sound in the world during summer when you were a kid? The music of the ice cream truck, right? Instead of cake we arrange to have the ice cream truck come by.

Who wants some Ice Cream?

We decided not to get cake, since an ice cream truck enough dessert for one day, but when Adam saw this bad boy in the supermarket he HAD to have it. I vehemently opposed. I let him buy it, figuring we could break it open in the privacy of our own home, but after his heavy handed pours of Skinny Girl, it didn’t seem so bad after all…

Ben's Hamburger Cake


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