Summer is here!

Chicago is in a heat wave right now. Temperatures are in the 90s! When I picked Jack up from school yesterday, I realized they had NO AIR CONDITIONING! Perhaps it’s not a shock to people from this area but as a native born Floridian it’s shocking.

So when I saw temperatures in the 90s again today, I decided I couldn’t bear to send him there to suffer in the heat. Seeing his ruddy little cheeks at pick up yesterday made me feel terrible.

Instead we did the only thing you can do when it’s sunny and hot out – go to a park with a water element.

I jogged them over to Fellger Park, also managing a nice 30 minute run for myself.

We got a lot of dirty looks for bringing these!

It took Jack a while to get into the action but Ben ran right for the water without any fear…


Finally we ended the afternoon with the best part about a hot summers day, ice cream!

Ice Cream with Connor and Oscar

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