The Relief Team Arrives


This morning my father and aunt arrived for a weekend full of kiddy torture.

Jack was so excited he asked if he could stay home from school. (The answer was no, in case you were wondering.)

Which was fine because Jack managed to tire Grandpa out within an hour of them meeting up.


Here they are playing tag. Can you believe my father had a hip replacement in September last year?



I wasted absolutely no time getting a mani/pedi AND going on an evening run with my husband.

Why can’t we live closer?!

Grandpa helping Jack with his homework while Aaron tries to steal his glasses.

Grandpa helping Jack with his homework while Aaron tries to steal his glasses.

After the run we heard those glasses are now broken. The first of undoubtedly many causalities this coming weekend.

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Dad Leaves

The realization that this is the last day of summer vacation is that only thing that kept me from being in complete distress when my Dad left this morning.

He was so much help, and in the very best way.

Not only is he the lowest maintenance guest a person could host, (eating whatever is put in front of him, leaving less mess than he makes, not ever, not even once, asking to do anything for himself) but he also very unassumingly finds ways to help. Dishes were done, laundry was left upstairs folded and neat. The best thing he did was he put the kids first, even if it meant putting down the dish he was cleaning to pay attention to them.

I had a play date one afternoon. The woman sat upstairs gossiping, Dad was downstairs getting beat up by a cackle of kids.

Dad kept Jack and Ben in giggles at our rooftop lunch at the EBC

Dad kept Jack and Ben in giggles at our rooftop lunch at the EBC

Even though he wasn't wearing swim clothes, he still found humor in Aaron dumping this water all over him.

Even though he wasn’t wearing swim clothes, he still found humor in Aaron dumping this water all over him.

Curious Sam gets much closer to Dad's computer than he would ever be allowed to mine!

Curious Sam gets much closer to Dad’s computer than he would ever be allowed to mine!

For all the pictures I got of him with the kids, there were many more moments where he babysat while I did things with other kids or alone. School meet and greets, shopping, and date nights are a few things that come to mind.

His presence in the house made for a much more calm atmosphere. I found myself more relaxed, I worried less about pushing everyone to get out every day because I knew they could have a blast with their Grandfather anywhere.

Until next time Grandpa Devensky! We’ll miss you!

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Dad’s Visit So Far

My father told me once that the saddest part of separating from my mother was the fact that he didn’t live in the same house as us anymore. He said that all the really funny stuff, the bonding moments, happen when you are just sitting around your house hanging out. One moment nothing much is happening and the next thing you know you find yourself in a full on uncontrollable giggle.

My father is the master of hanging out. He can come over and hang out. He’s not worried about what we are doing next or asking questions about what’s for dinner. He just gets in there. Any chance he gets he’ll start messing around with the kids, goofing off until they are in that elusive state of the uncontrollable giggle. He can do it with all my kids and any age. It’s really quite a gift.

Dad drew a picture of Jack

Dad drew a picture of Jack

DSC_0162 DSC_0213Yesterday I realized I trapped him in our house for 2 days watching various kids while I went out, sometimes with other kids and sometimes not, to do whatever I wanted or needed to. He didn’t even notice.

Adam and I are not like this. We feel the need to have activities and fun things planned every day. So, Dad’s visit is taking on a mix of both.

At the Beach

At the Beach

At Highland Park Aqua Park

At Highland Park Aqua Park

Dad is planning on staying long enough to shore me up until school starts, thank goodness. Next week before school starts I’ll need all the help I can get.

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More Victims

Hahahaha. HAHAHAHA. That’s my maniacal laughter people.

My father showed up today. He was instantly hit with the full romper room.


So far he seems okay. But I think he’s lucky this time. With Brandy here to soften the blow, he does not have to dive in full blast.

We decided to brave dinner out at a sit down sushi/chinese/thai place. We actually had one adult per kid, how bad could it be?

There were a few rough patches. Neither twin would sit in the high chairs, then when we finally got some rice for them, Sam threw it straight into Brandy’s water glass. But other than that, it went reasonable well. The glass of Sauvignon Blanc helped.

Tonight I could tell the kids are very happy with all the extra family members around, and with all this help, so are we.

DSC_0147 DSC_0152

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Another Willing Victim

Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched my Aunt Doris waving good bye from the curb of the airport yesterday. The only thing that kept me from an all out bawl was the fact that today another willing victim arrived.

Welcome Grandpa Devensky!

He showed up on my doorstep mid afternoon and wasted no time getting to work. Within minutes Ben was out of my hair. From the back room I heard peals of laughter.

When Adam and Jack returned later he took turns giving both older boys horse back rides. I’m not sure how he did it. I don’t think my knees could handle the weight of those boys and they are half the age of his knees!

He also managed to study both of the twins, holding, rocking, feeding and making them smile.

And now he is upstairs cleaning up the dishes from dinner.

Ahhhhh to have so many family members show up in droves to help me this summer. I am one lucky woman.


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