New York, New York

Nobu TriBeCa

I spent this past weekend staying at the W Hotel with a man who was not my husband. My good friend from my days in Hong Kong, Tom Chu, was there training for his new job as head of Asia for Cole Haan. Tom is also gay, so don’t worry, the weekend was completely approved by my husband.

It was everything a pregnant mom on her weekend off could hope for and more.

We ate and ate and ate. We ate so much I thought I might be growing a third baby right there. Tom treated us all to dinner at Nobu Friday night. I can still taste the miso cod. Heavenly. Then my friend from high school, Kate Fortunato, headed out with Tom and I for a day of shopping and to Barney’s for lunch the next day. We also stopped by Kate’s husband’s restaurant, Extra Virgin, where Kate treated us to some afternoon drinks and dessert. The place was packed even though it was 4pm! He recently got featured on Food Network’s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” for his Sunday night Spaghetti and Meatballs. Finally another buddy of Tom and I from Hong Kong, Greg Tan, who now lives in New York had us over for dinner at his place. Back in the day, Tom, Greg and I were like the three stooges. He wanted to order in but there was a delicious spread of leftovers from his kids dinner including Chinese Duck. We happily ate that instead!

In the evening I got a massage from Spa Belles off Bleeker with Evin. Kate recommended him. He was so good I wanted to pack him in the suitcase and bring him home with me.

And there was shopping. Tom treated me with his discount at Cole Haan. I bought a much needed new pair of boots, and got Adam a couple of pairs as well. With the Nike Technology inside, they are super comfortable.

There was also star sightings everywhere we went. We sat across from Chase Crawford from Gossip Girl. Tom asked me if I recognized him. To which I replied – I’m not twelve. At Barney’s, Steve Martin. On the street we walked past Ed Burns with his kid.

Best of all, I didn’t get woken up in the middle of the night from crying kids.

Sadly, I did not get to see Greg’s wife, Margie. In an unbelievably cruel twist of fate, their third son, Ollie was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of Leukemia. He has been in the hospital for 4 months now. He is scheduled for his fourth round of chemo. This weekend he suffered from a high fever all weekend and Margie was not able to leave his side. Because he was in isolation, we could not go to them. If you are reading this and live in New York, they are still looking for a donor for type B+ blood for him…


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More Reunion Fun

The weekend continues at a fast pace. If we keep this up for the rest of our vacation I think I’ll need a vacation after this vacation  just to get some rest!

Yesterday morning we took the boys to Quiet Waters Park Splash Adventure. It was obvious from all the giggling and smiling that the boys had a blast, and we had even more of a blast watching all that happiness.

Quiet Waters Splash Adventure

If you are ever in South Florida, it’s a great park. Since it was summer they divided the time into a little under 2 hour session. That amount of time was perfect for the age our boys are at. Anything longer would mean stopping for meals or snacks. The parking was $3 and the entrance fee was $5 a head.

That evening we called not one but TWO sitters to watch the boys. Hey, when they are free it makes the decision a lot easier. My Aunt Doris and my mom both watched to boys while we went to the second night of my reunion. There were a lot less people there than the first night but it was equally as enjoyable. At one point my high school buddy turned college roommate, Holly and I actually had a dance off on the dance floor. Maybe it will make my monthly video. Or I might bury it in case my kids see it in the future…

Two out of Three of us are pregnant...

Finally today we spent the day at the hotel pool where a small amount of people trickled in from the reunion. The best part of the day and perhaps the entire reunion weekend was a barbeque pool party hosted by our good friend Kate. Ironically she didn’t graduate in our year but hung out with us all so much she is considered an honorary member.

Adam pretending to be a Sea Monster

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