Jack’s 17th Birthday

When Jack turned 16th I thought it would be a milestone year, one which makes us reflect on how far we’ve come. But 17 years old seems to be a year with much more reflection, at least for me.

At 17 we are in the midst of ACT test prep and college tours. It is becoming very apparent that our time living with Jack is coming to an end. I read a depressing statistic that said 80% of the time we spend with our kids will happen by the time they turn 18. My father once told me how sad it was the day he moved out of our house because he realized all the impromptu moments of joy and laughter you get from just hanging out, the chance moments of connection you share due to the the simple proximity of living in the same place, were gone.

I am pleased to see the changes in Jack. How he has grown into himself. There are many moments when I observe him and think – he is going to make it. He rises to the challenges kids face at this age. He is diligently working though another round of ACT test prep in the hopes of getting his scores up. He is watching his grades. If he needs tutoring, he realizes it and makes sure he gets it. He shows up to school and soccer practices on time. He packs his own bag every day and remembers what he needs. He can juggle his various schedules to make sure he has all his homework and test prep done in time. He has picked more rigorous math classes in his senior year knowing it will help him get into a better college. He shows a lot of common sense, something that will get him very far in life. His ability to think critically is very good.

He is going to make it. He is going to grow up and become a contributing, fully functional member of society.

Already I see a marked change of development even in his friends. Two of the kids who came over to help celebrate his birthday drove themselves to our house. (Getting a driving license is one thing Jack is not working towards.)

Jack’s actual birthday landed on a Wednesday. We had the usual birthday donuts, everyone went to school, Jack did an ACT prep class, then afterwards we went to dinner to celebrate. Unfortunately the twins were under the weather and didn’t come.

Birthday Dinner for Jack

Afterwards we celebrated with cake and presents.

Strawberry Whipped Cream Cake
Daily Bugle Lego Set

That weekend we celebrated Jack’s birthday with his friends at K1 Speed. Go carts at K1 can reach speeds up to 45 mph. For the party, you race three different times and the top three winners get metals.

Sleeves you wear under the helmets. I told the boys we were actually robbing a bank for Jack’s birthday…
Getting Ready to Race
Punching Bag Side Competition
Everyone Is A Winner!
Afterwards Back at Our House for Pizza and More Cake Singing
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