Bubbie’s 85th Birthday

Bubbie’s birthday this year was a big one – 85 years old! For this milestone birthday, we headed back down (twice in one year!) to Arizona to celebrate.

Bubbie planned a big birthday extravaganza – with 85 of her friends RSVPing to her 85th birthday.

Everyone in the Picture is wearing a Shirt once bought for Jack
Bubbie’s 85th Birthday Speech

We ate, we sang karaoke, and we met many of Bubbie’s wonderful friends. But most importantly, we got to spend time with family.

Dinner at “It’s Greek To Me”

We also got to spend time at Bubbie’s walking her dog Daisy.

Walking Daisy

We stayed a the Hilton El Conquistador in Tucson. It was such a short visit we didn’t have enough time to enjoy the pool. It didn’t help that Adam fell ill with the flu almost the moment we arrived. We did manage to fit in one fantastic hike at a nearby trail, the Linda Vista Trail. The kids really enjoyed investigating the different rocks and cacti, as well as the views. They also insisted we run the entire way back! It was a downward sloping trail for a long part of the run and at one point Ben was behind me and I could tell I was slowing him down. I let him pass and told him I was sorry I wasn’t faster. He turned and said, “You’re doing pretty good, Mom” before sprinting off on his young, nimble legs.

At the Hilton El Conquistador
Linda Vista Trail
Checking out the Inside of a Cactus
Tree Pose
Never Walk When You Can Run! – The Calisoff Motto
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