Rain Boots

In preparation for Jack’s field trip, which was suppose to be a walk through the North Park Village Nature Center, we went out and got his first rain coat and boots.

Of course, Ben had to have them too.

My little fire fighters

If you are looking for a good place to buy these – we got them at Snippets. They have all kinds of other fun designs too.

I realize the idea of the boot is to keep the foot dry, but what ends up happening is you think, oh you have your rainboots on – go ahead and stomp in puddles.

In the end Jack had so much muddy water in his boots that when I took them off I had to pour out the excess. Poor guy was wrinkled and shivering.

My million dollar idea, (and yes, I am one of those people who has a million dollar idea almost every day but somehow, I’m not a millionaire yet) is to make these boots with elastic at the top. To keep the water from seeping through the boot at the bottom AND the top!

In fact, I’m not totally against a head to toe waterproof Michelin Man type suit for toddlers to wear on rainy days.

Or we could just make an effort to stay in when the play grounds are soaked. Nah!

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