Foster Beach

“I guess the old grind ain’t so bad.” I thought as I sat on my beach blanket Tuesday morning with my good friend Pam.

Pam playing with Max in the Lake

We visited Foster Avenue Beach. It’s got a parking lot right out front where there is always parking for $1 and hour. It has the usual Chicago Beach accommodations, bathrooms, shower at the exit to wash off the sand, small concession stand. It also has a wheel chair accessible ramp where you can wheel your stroller right to the water’s edge. And very attentive life guards.

Once again, six kids, all boys.

It’s a great beach for families. The life guards were so attentive that they even reprimanded Jack for accidentally getting some mud in his water squirter. They also had me take off my kids life vest. Yep. You read it right. Apparently there is a rule in Illinois that if the life vest is not regulation you can’t wear it. I also had this problem at the Hidden Creek Aqua Park also.

Mom tip: If your kid is scared to swim getting a life vest is a great way for them to get over their fear. I can’t take credit for the idea, I stole it from my friend Kelly. Before the vests Jack wouldn’t enter the water and Ben would jump in without caution. After the vests and a few weeks of practice, both kids can swim without me holding them. Just make sure you get a regulation one, otherwise you’ll find yourself with a a two year old like a floppy fish, thinking he can float when he can’t!

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