Mother’s Day 2024

For weeks before mother’s day Adam had been asking me what I wanted to do on my special day. When I finally sat down to look at the calendar, I realized the day was already scheduled. Hebrew, Art Class, and a soccer game filled the day from 8am until 4pm.

Still we made the most of it. I took the day off cooking. Presents were waiting for me when I woke up – a spa day at the Peninsula, gift cards to Nordstroms, as well as a check from my MIL.

I spent the evening on the couch reading, blissfully ignoring my the endless sweeping, wiping, and folding I do every day. I paid for it the next morning when Jack was out of socks and I was frantically rummaging through the laundry to find them, though!

In the evening, we got take away from our new favorite Thai restaurant, Oliang Cafe.

Everytime we go they ask if we are having a big party. No, I always answer back just the six of us.

Overall it was a low key day, which I found successful as I hate trying to strong arm the kids into doing activities I want to do just because Hallmark decided to celebrate mothers for one day.

The truth is I’m the one who is grateful for being a mom to these kids. And not just on Mother’s Day, but every day.

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