Black Jack Pierre

It’s a sad state of affairs when the big parties in your life have gone from weddings to 13 year old birthdays.

We’ve gotten to the stage in our lives when most of our friends are married and have kids old enough to have bar mitzvahs.

I guess the nice thing is that it seems like most of these parties are fancier than some wedding ceremonies I’ve been too.

Last night we attended a bar mitzvah.

It was held at a very prestigious country club in the suburbs. I could not believe how many children attended! Jack Pierre had NINETY friends!

The theme of the party was ‘Casino’. They rented poker tables, slot machines, and roulette.

There was a 5 person dance troupe and DJ which kept the party lively at all times. They were masters of keeping the party going. It was like a perfectly choreographed dance inside a dance party. While adults ate, kids did the Champagne Snowball. While adults were called up to celebrate their anniversaries, kids ate. Everyone danced the Hora.

Even my pregnant belly didn’t stop me from getting on the dance floor. The music and entertainers were too enticing.

I took lots of pictures of the party. We also have a boy named Jack who will have a bar mitzvah in a short seven years. Maybe we can steal the theme? Though who knows if we will be able to afford anything like this. Essentially it’s like paying for a wedding for our kids at age 13. But as Adam pointed out, we get a discount. Even though we will have four kids, with twins we will only have to pay for three parties!

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Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

Thanksgiving is always a great time for my husband (who grew up in the suburbs of Chicago) to see lots of his old friends. A lot of them are back in town visiting their family for the holiday. It always prompts get togethers not only with the visiting friends but also with friends we never seem to get a chance to see all year, even if they just live down the street.

Dinner at Dave and Karen's

Both Friday and Saturday night were spent with Adam’s high school buddies. It was so nice to see everyone! Adam and I were confident that, unlike last year, Jack and Ben could wander around almost unsupervised like they do in our own home. Within minutes of entering the house there was pee on the wall and one of the ornaments was broken. I guess we were over confident. Maybe next year…


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