Children’s Museum Visit

Some days it just seems easier to pack drinks, snacks, diaper, wipes, camera, phone, wallet and some highly caffeinated drink for mom and go to a museum or some pay to play space than it is to just go home and hang out.

Seems counter intuitive, going home should be easier and more relaxing, but it’s not. It breeds toy envy which leads to wrestling which leads to punching, kicking and biting. It doesn’t seem to happen when we are out. Perhaps it’s because I have nothing else to do while we are out but focus on the kids, so I can stop the fighting before it starts. Or maybe new toys make for nicer afternoons.

Either way, this afternoon no amount of caffeine could make me face the toy envy, punching, kicking, biting and eventual inevitability of me screaming at the top of my lungs type of afternoon.

Luckily the Children’s Museum is open late tonight. Until 8pm. For any Chicago Mom’s out there it’s a great tip. A better tip is finding out that they have started a new membership add on. For $80 (prorated if you already have a membership) you can get unlimited parking. That’s about 4 visits of parking. Definitely makes it worth it. Especially if you are facing a summer of two kids with no help or school.

How angry do you think my husband is going to be when he sees this photo? I can't help it! Ben loves to dress up!

I found you, Ben!

We finished with a dinner of McDonalds at Navy Pier after the museum. I think that sums up just how tired and defeated I felt today. Jack couldn’t have been happier with his new Batman toys so I guess it was a win-win all around. The key is lowering your standard enough to see it is a win, I guess.

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