Jonquil Park

This winter has felt a lot more like summer. We’ve had record temperatures all month. This past weekend we hit temperatures in the 80°s both days.

As such, we’ve hit a string of parks in the past week. I’m amazed that this blog is almost a year old and I haven’t written about hardly any of them.

But don’t worry readers, we have a summer of fun planned!

Lately it seems like a better kind of park to bring Jack to now that he’s 5 is one with a bit of open space to ride bikes, or scooters, or bring a few balls.

Adam Chasing Katherine as She Runs the Bases

My excessive husband decided to bring all of those things and more to the park on Sunday. I think the mini-van with all it’s trunk space is enabling him.

I must admit all the props made for a very fun morning, not just for Jack but for the handful of other kids who flocked to Adam’s elaborate set up and boyish enthusiasm.

Jonquil Playlot Park is a huge park with lots of fun things to do. There are three play structures, swings, a water element in the summer, picnic benches and ample green space both inside the fenced in playground and surrounding it. There is a huge grassy area just outside of the playground with baseball field and a game table area.

As my friend Hedy pointed out last week, I’m missing a critical piece of information when I blog about these parks – the map. Thanks for the advice Hedy! I’m very happy for the feedback! And here is the map…

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