First Snow!

After a two year drought, we finally got a decent amount of snow today.

We could have sat in our house, sipping hot cocoa in our jammies and slippers, watching the flakes fall silently outside our window.

But we didn’t.

Because we are Calisoff’s.

Our Motto is, “Go hard then go home. Then go hard again, home again, hard again, home again. Again! Again! Again!”

We went out not once, not twice, but three times to cavort in the snow.

First we checked out the balcony while Jack was at Hebrew school.dsc_0186

Sam feeds our more sensory kids snow.

Sam feeds our more sensory kids snow.

Then, back in for a hot lunch, tumble dry all the clothes, and back out to the sledding hill.dsc_0224 dsc_0228

Which quickly turned into a snowball fight.dsc_0258

Then we made snowmen!

Rolling Huge Snowballs

Rolling Huge Snowballs


Ben's Snowman

Ben’s Snowman


Then home for hot chocolate, tumble dry the wet clothes, and back out again for Zoo Lights.dsc_0292

Yes, we walked down with our Bob strollers AKA all terrain vehicles.dsc_0296

There is a great spot on the lawn with a light show, the lights dance in tune to the music.

Light show.

Light show.

The snow kept everyone away so it was super easy to watch the kids. And as an added bonus, they had tons of snow to play with at every turn!dsc_0308

We even got to see the new Polar Bear Enclosure. It’s really great!

After today it turns super cold so I’m really glad we braved the snow to see the lights last night.

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