Fresh Picks for the Week (Feb 29)

This week Romaine lettuce, cauliflower, a sweet potato, an avocado, tomatoes, an english cucumber, onions and kale arrived on my doorstep.

That night I was making a rice pilaf with dinner so used up some of the onions in that. So easy to do and so yummy. My mom taught me, it was one of her staples when we were growing up. Sauté the onions in a little olive oil, then pour in a cup of white rice. Sauté until rice is glassy looking. Add chicken broth (2 cups), cover and simmer for 20 minutes. When done, add parmesan.

Kale was made into kale chips.

Fresh Picks 29 Feb 2012

The Romaine, tomatoes, and cucumber were paired with feta to make a greek salad. Just added some dried oregano, lemon juice and olive oil.

Left over tomatoes were put into a caprese salad. They were also sliced with the left over cucumber in my hummus sandwich for lunch one day.

The sweet potato will be added to the other ones I bought this week to our dinner tonight. Simply baked then mashed with a little butter and brown sugar. The kids love them. I made Mar-a-Lago Turkey Burgers this week. So yummy. I’ll be interested to see if anyone can tell the difference in sweet potatoes, store bought vs Irv and Shelly.

Cauliflower and avocado were not so exciting. Cauliflower was steamed and eaten with a little salt and pepper. Avocado cut and salted and eaten plain. Sometimes the most delicious way is the simplest!

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