Potty Training, Does it Ever End?

Last night, midway through watching a movie we heard the pitter patter of running feet on the floor above us. Adam quickly ran up to investigate. He found Jack standing in the kitchen, peeing on his shoes.

Incredibly, this is not a freak occurrence. This is the second time we’ve found Jack in some place in the house that is no where near the bathroom, completely asleep and peeing.

My first thought was of a roommate I once had in Hong Kong, who got so drunk one night he did the same thing all over his wife’s closet. When I heard the story I laughed hysterically. She didn’t think it was very funny. And perhaps because it was Adam’s shoes and not mine I again could not stop giggling, it took Adam a little more time to find the humor in the situation.

I’m not even sure if there is a way to deal with this sort of behavior. He’s not conscience and doesn’t even realize it’s happening. And depending on where he decides to pee, it can be easier to clean up then a wet bed.

In other potty news, I’ve been sitting Ben on the potty most days around the time he poops and he normally can produce a poop for me. Otherwise I think I’ve admitted defeat, I will most likely have three kids in diapers for some time period in my life. Because of the pregnancy, there are a few hours every day where I need to sit on the couch flitting in and out of sleep, to tired to have the vigilance that potty training requires.

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