Camp Taft

Two weeks ago the school sent out an email asking for last minute volunteers for the twins overnight trip to Camp Taft.

The twins were sold this trip as a chance to get away from their parents for a few days.

So they were very disappointed to hear that I volunteered at the last minute.

My email back to the school said, “If you can’t find anyone else…”

I figured there was little chance of getting a level 1 volunteer at the last minute. I worried if they don’t have enough chaperone’s maybe the whole trip will be cancelled?

That logic held up and the twins were no longer upset when I ended up crashing their parentless weekend.

Personally I was ecstatic. Three days of no cooking, cleaning or driving people to and from places? I’m in!

Of course, once I was booked, many more things populated the schedule. More on that later.

For now, I was assigned to Sam’s group and had the pleasure of watching him enjoy this wonderful experience that the school organized.

Sam in Survival Class, Building a Shelter
Sam in Orienteering Class

Sweet Sam and his buddy for the entire trip finished the orienteering course first then went back to help all the other kids in the group finish the course.

Each Student was assigned to be a Hopper for one meal.

Every meal they assigned a hopper who arrived early and set the table, ran and got the food for the group meal, and cleaned up afterwards.

This trip they had an app that everyone could dump photos into for all the parents at home to see so I was able to spy on Aaron a bit in his group.

Aaron Participating in a Team Building Activity

Many times the groups were all together….

Singing Camp Songs after Roasting S’mores
Shadow Boxing
Aaron with his Designated Buddy and Another set of Buddies

On the final day they dumped the kids in a wooded area and had them play the game “Predator vs Prey”.

Green Headbands Signify Herbivores. Red Headbands are Carnivores.
After Losing all his Lives, this Herbivore becomes a Zombie

While the boys slept downstairs, I slept upstairs in one of the girls rooms. As I’ve always wanted a girl, I was giddy with happiness by the experience. I got to braid hair, learn new dance moves, and ease drop on all the girly gossip that boys never do.

They were still a chaperone short and as a result, Sam and his room had no adult in it. However, another male chaperone reported back to me that when they checked on Sam’s room to tell them it was lights out, the lights were already out and the kids all in bed!

Meanwhile, back at home, Jack had a bunch of last minute games. One of which Adam coached. Adam has been helping out with the team all year and this was his big moment so I was really sad to miss it. Later I found out that they won the game 9-0. Also that because it was their last game of the season, the boys made sure all the seniors and boys not returning scored a goal.

Honoring the Seniors after the Game

It was an eventful couple of days for all of the Calisoffs!

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