Kindergarden Friends

It’s not often that you have a friend that follows the trajectory of your life. Even more rare is keeping in touch with that person for almost 40 years!

Becca and I met in Kindergarten. We have a long, long history. We kept up with playdates in our younger years. Recently we had a good laugh about some of the games we played together as kids. We had a favorite named ‘Dead’. One of us would play dead and the other one would have get them to the other side of the house by any means necessary. Then we switched. It’s the kind of game this generation, with their iPads, computers, and highly scheduled lifestyles would never do!

Even though we were in different middle schools, we did community cheerleading together. 10400251_44845726747_9424_n

We went to high school together, cheered together and hung out together after school and on weekends.

Jamaica Dress up day

Jamaica Dress up day

graduationThen, we went to separate colleges, had separate, wild times – her in Colorado and I was in Hong Kong. Oddly we both worked in food and wine.

When she and I both came back to our roots – her in North Carolina with her family and I in America, she settled about a 3 hour drive from my sister. After I gave birth to Jack, I went to visit.

Again our lives collided. We ended up pregnant at the same time, three times! Her three kids are the same age as my four.

This weekend she was up in Chicago tagging along on her husband’s work trip.

It was a great match. Weirdly her husband is into a lot of the same stuff as mine. We had dinner one night together and we all had so much talk about we were fighting for the floor. I love when that happens. Too much to talk about! Too little time!IMG_7058

We also were able to sneak a quick tour of Chicago in together. IMG_7063

(She had to duck down to fit into the photo with me. So you can imagine who always won at the ‘dead’ game when we were little…)

Knowing someone for this long and still feeling like you are on the exact same page extremely rare. I truly cherish this girl.

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