Ben’s 8th Birthday

This year Ben’s birthday was the same day as his party.

We started the morning with a treat of egg sandwiches and donuts. IMG_7087

Then Jack gave Ben his present. This is a card with butt jokes in it. Yep, butt jokes never get old around here. IMG_7084

In the morning we threw him a carnival themed party.

There were eight different games you could play to win tickets. IMG_7076 IMG_7075 IMG_7073 IMG_7079

And three levels of ticket items you could swap for the tickets you won.IMG_7080

IMG_7081We hired 3 teenagers to help run the games. (Jack’s buddy’s older sister and friends.)IMG_7103

Sam got a whopping 250 tickets. He even studied the teenagers methods in detail, figured out which was most generous. He also calculated which games he could get the most tickets.IMG_7094

As for food, Friday we waited in this huge line for the popcorn Ben wanted for his party.IMG_7067

The popcorn was part of the carnival themed food. We ate hot dogs for lunch, had huge tubs of Garrett’s popcorn, and bags of cotton candy.

Cotton Candy Mouth

Cotton Candy Mouth

Then, Adam did that thing he does with the cake, where he buys a huge extravagant, oversized cake that I’m forced to eat for weeks afterwards.IMG_7114 IMG_7116

This one was triple layer, filled with banana cream and raspberry. The picture above does not show the enormity of it. Here are the leftovers, next to my morning cup of coffee so you can see just how much cake I’ll be eating this week.IMG_7186

The party didn’t end, either. That night, Ben had a sleepover with his BFF from school.IMG_7134

The next day, we had a playdate at the Morton Arboretum. She hadn’t been yet and we really wanted to take her there to see it.

Origami craft.

Origami craft.



Natural Playground.

Natural Playground.

Happy 8th birthday Ben! Wishing you a great year.

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