Visit from Japo

On Friday I realized my Mother, who arrived October 1st, was leaving in a short three days. Felt like she just arrived this visit and already she was leaving!

As usual, she tirelessly washed dishes and clothes, then found other projects like raking leaves and deep cleaning the stroller. She did this all while adoring our four snotty, bratty but somehow also irresistibly charming children.

She has the wisdom and age to know these are all just stages they are going through and even has the grace to laugh off their preferences for other family members when it suits them.

Still she found time to connect with all of them in their own ways.

DSC_0344 IMG_2076 IMG_2091

As for me, it was nice to have an adult around to chat to during the day, especially one with who knows me inside and out, someone who enjoys quite a few of the same things I do.

Until next time Mom!

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