Cantigny Park

After a failed attempt at one last great summer adventure, (we told the boys we were taking them to Great America, but it’s already closed for the summer during weekdays) we were stuck.

We had exhausted all the new and exciting places to visit over the summer! Six Flag Great America was our last trick.

Adam suggested we drive the long hour out to Wheaton and see Cantigny Park.

Adam told me it was formally a private estate, now turned into a park with a bunch of war tanks on display. Which creeped me out. Probably because I just watched the movie Foxcatcher.

But in fact Robert McCormick designated this space, formally McCormick’s farm, as a public space for education and recreation. McCormick was a bonafide military man. He helped capture Cantigny, France in World War One and later named his estate after it. John du Pont, of Foxcatcher Farm, was a wealthy eccentric with erratic and violent tendencies.

Also, even though Adam and I have the utmost respect for the people who serve our country, we hope our kids don’t idolize them so much that they dream of having such dangerous vocations.

Still after all that I couldn’t help think, “Well, climbing on a bunch of old tanks does sounds like a really cool thing to do.”

Must be all the testosterone I’ve been sniffing lately.

DSC_0022 DSC_0039 DSC_0040

So we went.

And it was cool.

The kids were running around like crazy, climbing, shouting and screaming about each tank.

There were lots of educational opportunities as well.

Adam spoke to Jack about the perils of war.

We studied the tanks, noticing their different colors. The last tank pictures was used in dessert storm, hence the sandy color. Camouflaging your tank is different for different war zones.

In addition to the tanks, there were gardens to roam through.


And on this hot day, a wonderful fountain to run through for the kids. If only I brought the swimsuits!


Oh, never mind. Apparently you can play in the fountain but not wear a bathing suit? Riddle me that one.

Also a playground…


A three mile trail with fitness circuit…


And lots of great picnic spots…


We missed the Idea Garden for kids, bird watching, and much more! I think we’ll have to go back to explore the rest another day…

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