Goudy Square Playlot

I try to get the kids out every day to do something. When you are wandering around the city as much as we are, often you find yourselves back in the same spots over and over. Luckily there is no shortage of choice in Chicago.

Last week we had to take the car for an oil change. The shop was located in the Near North Community and even though it borders on our own neighborhood, it was far enough away so we were out of our comfort zone.

We need not be concerned, as there are amazing parks all throughout the city. We took the opportunity to check out Goudy Square PlaylotIMG_0401

In 2014 they revamped the entire place. It’s super cute and distinct.


There were two different play areas, the one above for older kids (though any size kid can explore). I liked how they finally figured out that kids find any way to climb the play structures and just put up little rock climbing rocks around the entire thing.

There were lots of little things tucked away underneath and around the sides as well…


They also had another section for younger kids but Jack thoroughly enjoyed it as well.


There are two swing sets, each equipped with these safety chairs that I’ve never seen anywhere else…


On the wall of the park, huge chalkboards…


But as any mom knows, chalk anywhere inside a playground is completely acceptable. There were no tables for our picnic but these wide, low walls made for a great substitution. Even if they were filled with chalk drawings…IMG_0398

Other things I liked about the park were the single entrance and tall gates all around.

Also, they kept the really old trees around the perimeter. Good for stick finding and for my newly potty trained twins to pee on! No bathrooms, which is normal for most city parks.

No water, no sand, so a great fall or spring sort of park!

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