First Tooth Lost

Finally Ben lost his first tooth! It was a full 2 years after Jack but considering how weird he can get about these things, it was probably a good thing. By the time he lost a tooth, most of the kids in his class were already familiar and comfortable with it.IMG_0581

Since we don’t have Santa Claus in our house, the tooth fairy is the first time mystical creatures visit our house in the middle of the night. Ben asked a lot of questions about where she lived and was adamant that he was going to stay awake all night to see her.

How do you think he faired?

This morning he woke up and instead of a tooth in an envelope, there was an easter egg with a picture in it. Amazing that the tooth fairy knew about his obsession with egg hunts, isn’t it?

Each egg had an egg with a picture in it, the picture was a clue to where the next egg was. DSC_0492

The hunt ended in the tent, which had a basket full of eggs with dollar bills and a few pieces of candy thrown in. DSC_0490

Ben and Jack solved the clues together.


I think he liked it. How can I tell? Ben has been pulling at the tooth next to the one that fell out all day today.

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