First Night of Hanukkah

The boys were very happy to celebrate their first night of Hanukkah tonight.

Because this year Hanukkah falls on Thanksgiving, Jack is very lucky to have a full FIVE day weekend to start Hanukkah. That’s tons of days at home with brand new toys. I guess you’ve heard by now they are calling Thanksgivikah.

Adam is very unlucky to have 2 deals closing right now and will probably have to work through most of the time off his firm gives this time of year.

Tonight we lit the first candle and bumbled through the prayer. Adam is the only one who has enough memory power to remember it from the previous year.DSC_0142

Then it was time for toys and a little dinner.

We healthed up the potato latkes this year, substituting with zucchini fritters. Then we unhealthed it back with Swedish Meatballs. But I did use grass fed beef, so it doesn’t really count, does it?DSC_0153

Hope everyone reading this has a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! And a happy Thanksgivikah!

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