Hanukkah Prep

Ah, Hanukkah time again.

This is the first year that we included the twins in the gift giving.

Sort of.

Okay, OKAY, I’ll admit it! We just wrapped up a bunch of old toys they haven’t seen before.

Still, it was the first year we had to organize 8 days of presents for 4 kids. That is a minimum of 32 presents to wrap!

And you know who I married, right? So how many presents did you think we had to wrap this year? Yes, it was way, Way, WAY more than 32.

With this many kids the wrapping, labeling and deciding which days they toys were to be given made me feel like a Jewish elf.

Most days Adam and I walk around with four kids and get a lot of stares, comments, shared stories and advice. I’m used to the spectacle. But sometimes something new happens that makes us realize just what an undertaking we have gotten ourselves into. This Hanukkah production was one of them.

First we had to lay the toys out in four rows, one for each kid.


Next, two hours of wrapping. We labeled each gift by kid’s name, contents (no one can read yet, so it’s not a spoiler), and day it should be given.


Finally, we put them into bags based on the day we planned to give it.


Then, exhausted but relieved to have sorted it all out, Adam and I went to bed.

Bring it on Hanukkah. We’ve ready.

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