Thanksgiving 2013

Traditionally Thanksgiving is the one holiday a year we host at our house. It’s not the same every year, but most years my mother comes up from Florida and Adam’s mother and husband also join.

Adam’s mother and husband moved to Arizona earlier this year and by the time my mother got around to buying a plane ticket, the prices were outrageous.

So for the first time in years we found ourselves guestless.

Not that the table was empty. In fact, now that we are six people, we fill an entire table. Every meal. But this was the first Thanksgiving we ate in the pajamas we woke in that morning. Why? Because we could.

I managed to sneak out at nap time for a bit of a pre-black friday shop, otherwise the rest of the family spent the entire day indoors.

With Hanukkah coinciding with Thanksgiving, Adam doled out a few toys throughout the day and everyone was happy just hanging out.

Ben gets an electronic piggy bank and Jack "no stress chess" from Grandpa Devensky.

Ben gets an electronic piggy bank and Jack “no stress chess” from Grandpa Devensky. While Ben’s back is turned, Sam take the opportunity to play with a toy Ben received earlier that day.

We also played with our old toys too. And we even played with things there were not meant to be toys at all…


Earlier, Jack revisited his matchbox collection. (Lined up in the background.)

I kept the fair simple. Turkey breast cooked in the slow cooker. Sweet potato casserole. I couldn’t decide on the topping so I did both the marshmallow AND the cornflake pecan one. They mixed together beautifully. And stuffing. I made it easy on myself and got help from Stove Top, then I added some celery and sage to make it pop. Steamed rainbow carrots from my fresh picks order. Also from my fresh picks order creamed spinach and cranberry sauce.


I'm so going to enjoy every bite of this meal!

I’m so going to enjoy every bite of this meal!

Adam decided to let the boys pick Thanksgiving dessert and they chose a white cake with vanilla frosting. Which I made and frosted myself.

I hope you just stood up and started applauding me right now. Seriously, GET UP! I made this all while Adam was working and four kids were tugging at my legs trying to get my attention.

Okay, you can sit down. It was a box cake. But I made the icing from scratch.


Our family can eat half a cake! How many will I have to make when they are teenagers?!

Our family can eat half a cake! And two of them have a combined age of 2!

Hope everyone reading enjoyed their day as much as I did. There is nothing more satisfying than the combination of family, fun and yummy comfort food!

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