He went Viral

When they called ‘Aaron?’ at the doctor’s office Saturday morning, I completely did not respond. It wasn’t until they repeated and added the last name, ‘Aaron Calisoff?’ that I realized they were calling my son.

It was the first time I’d ever heard Aaron’s name on it’s own, so I didn’t recognize it! Normally it’s Sam and Aaron, or the twins, or Jack, or Ben, or Jack and Ben or all four names together but not until this day did I hear little Aaron’s name all on it’s own.

“It’s actually got quite a nice ring to it”, I thought as I walked out of the waiting room.

What was I doing at the doctor’s office with just one kid on Saturday morning? Besides treating it LIKE A VACATION?

Some Weird Viral Thing

Aaron had developed some weird rash. Anjelica noticed little bumps on his skin when she gave him his nightly bath. Every night they spread a bit further. Pretty soon they covered his stomach, groin and back.

I asked my doctor friend Carrie to have a look when I met her at the Lincoln Park Conservatory last week for a play date. (Another cool place that I wanted to blog about that I never got to. Let’s just sum it up, warmth from the winter, trains and a dinosaur hunt. Perfect one hour, winter after school play date spot.)

She diagnosed Jack’s Reflux when my own doctor couldn’t. And she was spot on with this one too. Either dry skin or some weird viral thing you just have to wait out. We tried lotioning him up, it didn’t help. Two days later we took him to our doctor, who confirmed it was probably some weird viral thing and to use an over the counter cortisone cream. We stuck it on and it’s been clearing ever since.

Sorry if this one bored you readers, ever since the big bird incident, I’ve realized my brain is swiss cheese and I’d better write it all down, good and bad, or I’ll forget it! I found the cortisone cream in our cabinet I couldn’t remember why we had it. Even after Adam reminded me it still didn’t jar my memory. Then Adam tried testing my swiss cheese out by telling me it’s been 3 months since we had sex. Nice try, it’s not that befuddled. Yet.

Sorry Aaron, this was meant to be your post, but I couldn’t resist – @ the LP Conservatory

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