Last LAST night of Hanukkah

Bubbie’s Menorah

Okay, I know I said last night was our last night of Hanukkah, but no one objected when we decided to add a ninth night.

Tonight we headed up to the ‘burbs to Bubbie’s house. In addition to Hanukkah, we also celebrated Bubbie’s seventy somethingish birthday.

The boys had a blast. And who wouldn’t? They were showered with gifts from both Bubbie and Grandpa Bill as well as their Aunt Brenda. Brenda is a teacher and mother of three. She always knows the perfect gift for the boys at whatever age they are at. A remote control car for Jack, books for Ben, the twins got a toy phone and talking ball. Even a kid friendly iPad cover (which I think it more of a gift for me than anyone else). And everyone enjoyed the electric piano with microphone! Thank goodness there is a volume button on that one.

Bubbie and Naughty Cake

Once again we ate too much, including a very naughty Culiver’s Turtle cake (Bubbie’s favorite).

As an added bonus, the Meyers (Grandpa Bill’s daughter, her husband and son) showed up. Having 11 year old Evan there was like having a built in baby sitter! He disappeared in the back room with the older boys for a while and not once did I feel the need to check on them. Evan showed up later carrying a giggling Ben.

The twins scooted around on the floor like little cats. But they were far from ignored, as you can see, they got plenty of attention from the entire group…

Grandpa Bill, Bubbie and the Twins

Evan entertaining Aaron

Liz and Aaron

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