Last Night of Hanukkah

We had so much fun on our last night of Hanukkah that we actually forgot to open our presents.

Lighting the Candles

We may not have our elf on the shelf or great holiday Cartoons, but we had managed to have a bit of fun of our own anyway.

We ate a ton of unhealthy food. Brisket, latkes, and matzoh ball soup were part of the tradition. I threw in some roast broccoli with chick peas as well as a brussel sprouts with balsamic and cranberries recipe from The Pioneer Woman.

Rebecca brought an insane pie from Hoosier Mama Pie company.

Dreidel Game

Dreidel Dessert

We played the driedel game.

Hedy organized a make your own dessert, a dreidel made out of a hersheys kiss, peanut butter, marshmallow and pretzel. It was so good I ate two. Okay, maybe I ate three. ALL RIGHT it was four. I had to make one later to photograph it for you people!

The kids stayed up way past their bedtime, with the promise of opening their last presents in the morning.

Also, between the Processco Rebecca brought and the Cote du Rhone Hedy brought I’m definitely not breastfeeding tonight!

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