The Twins at 7 Months

Hard to believe that the twins are already seven months old. Actually they are a bit over 7 months, but with all the 40th birthday hullabaloo I haven’t had a chance to write about it.

What changes have I noticed from last month? A ton.

They are both cutting their top two teeth right now.

Sam has moved on from his inchworm crawl technique to hands and knees. Aaron has adopted more of a commando style crawl.

They have started to wander around the house, usually together, getting up to mischief. Twice we found Sam in the bathroom, the bathroom cabinet knobs out and in his mouth. Unscrewing is a pretty advanced maneuver for a 7 month old!

They definitely recognize each other and smile at each other a lot, as well as keep close together. If one has a toy the other may go over and just grab it out of their hands. Luckily they are too young to be upset about this, but I can see where it’s heading.

Sam is also my first kid to basically push himself up to sitting. In the past, I’ve always sat them up and let them figure it out that way. They both sit up now, but Aaron needed a little guidance.

We have gotten rid of the infant tub. Now they just sit or lay in the tub and play. Sam was completely into it, splashing like crazy. Aaron complied but eyed me wearily, like, “Really? you are going to put me in there with that splashing maniac?” 

First Bath without an Infant Tub

Sam continues to wake me around 1 or 2 in the morning for a feed. Aaron can make it all night, but often by 4 or 5 he’s crying for me. Aaron is an incredible sleeper, though. Just this morning Sam woke at 5am for the morning and Aaron slept until 7:30am, despite the fact that there were 3 other kids making quite a ruckus right outside his door. I used to worry about this, but it seems they both will have a nap around the same time, even if the wake up time is quite different.

This month I upped their calories as I have a sneaking suspicion that my hard core dedication to breast feeding may be part of what keeps Sam so cranky and his naps so short. Since I’ve starting giving more formula bottles, Sam is like a new baby. Super smiley and happy all the time.

This month I couldn’t help but marvel at how much I’ve changed as a mother. I remember one day when Jack was an infant not putting him down once. When Adam came home from work I hadn’t gone to the bathroom all day. But now I can get so much done in a day with the twins around. Here is a picture of my morning shower…

A Shower with an Audience

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