Jack’s First Day of School

This morning Jack started Kindergarten.

Luckily we’ve both been trained by two years of preschool. I knew the drill. I packed his lunch, I handed him his clothes, I kissed him goodbye. He and Adam walked out the door together. No tears for anyone.

It will be a totally different experience for him today, but for me it was just another year.

Jack expressed some nervousness about his new school. He was worried about the ‘big kids’. I felt bad for him and wished I could be with him to hold his hand and fend off these invisible ‘big kids’. When further probed, he was actually talking about 6 year olds. Ironically he’s bigger than most 6 year olds we’ve met!

As for me, anytime I’m down a kid things seem easier. In reality they are still difficult. I don’t have a stroller to fit all these kids so we are stuck at home. Running an errand would be impossible. There are more kids than can reasonably fit in a cart.

This morning both babies were tired for their nap at the same time so I had to take turns nursing and letting them cry while Ben sat outside the nursery door in his underwear, kicking the door for my attention. I was sweating by the end of it.

But there was victories as well. Ben pooped in the potty without me having to remind or push him. I just walked by and saw him sitting on the potty all by himself. It was amazing. This week while Jack is at school I’m working on getting him to pull his own pants down to pee. He may just make it to school after all! (His first day is next week)

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