Feet Problems

“What are the odds our kids have two foot injuries in one weekend?” Adam asked me as we were all driving over to the emergency room this Labor Day afternoon.

I don’t know. What are the odds we would have twins? What are the odds that a girl who lives in China ends up meeting her future husband, who lives in Chicago, at a wedding in Jamaica? Maybe we do have a chance at winning the lottery after all, I thought. I’d almost given up.

Yesterday Ben fell off a chair and hurt his foot. He has been walking on the outside of his right foot since then. He didn’t cry much and was very cheerful, completely undisturbed by this new limp he’d developed.

We wondered if perhaps he’d broken his toe? He didn’t seem bothered enough, though.

“It’s Ben!” Adam and I exclaimed, as we often do when this cheerful, good natured boy takes something in stride.

Jack pulled opened his costume drawer this morning so hard that it fell all the way out and landed on his foot. The base of his big toe nail started turning purple. Unlike Ben, he cried a lot and expected to be carried all day.

After a lot of ice and heavy lifting, Adam decided to bring them both in, just in case.

The doctor determined that Ben’s cheery attitude signified that his foot and toe were fine.

They did an ex-ray on Jack. No damage either. Thank goodness.

Next month Adam will be kicking himself that we switched to the high deductible insurance now that we are finished with the baby making years.

More Labor Day Entertainment – Jack builds Ben a ‘fort’ in our bed.

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