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This week Jack is in school but Ben doesn’t start until next week. However, my fall schedule has kicked in. This means I will only have a helper when I have all four kids to care for after school. In the mornings I’m on my own.

I planned to lay low all week and not do much before help arrived. What could I possibly accomplish with three kids under 3?

But yesterday I realized we were not going to make it through the week without more wipes, diapers or formula. So, I took a leap of faith and did this…

This picture was taken by my friend Pam, who I ran into by chance. She has three kids but only had one with her this morning. Ironically when I saw her she was completely frazzled. The school had just called because she didn’t leave a change of clothes for her kid and he had an accident. The other child who was with her just had a big poop and needed changing. She came in for some umbrellas for the kids and left $168 lighter with no umbrellas to speak of. She should probably start her own blog, she’s got a great sense of humor and these things seem to happen to her daily.

After target we made it over to Costco. This time I had one car seat in the cart, Ben up front sitting in the cart, and a twin strapped to my chest.

Somehow it all worked out. Seven trips back and forth to the car later we were in the house and ready for lunch. I was very proud of myself, but I also realized it was sheer luck they all behaved.

Other super mom feats I accomplished this morning – making a peanut butter sandwich one handed while holding a baby in the other and breast feeding standing up while holding a baby in one arm and patting another one on his back to sooth him to sleep.

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3 thoughts on “Shopping & Other Feats

  1. That is awesome! I have breastfed while standing up and doing something else. Quite a feat. You gotta do whatcha gotta do!

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