A Decent Night’s Sleep

Finally after two months, a bit of a break through in sleep.

Last night I started to feed the twins and put them to bed around 7:30. This is a juggling process where you feed then calm one baby down, put it in the crib then start on the other. By the time the other is calm and ready for the crib, the first one is crying again. This normally goes on for an hour or more. Sometimes I just give up, put one or two of them on my chest and go to sleep.

Last night by 9pm they were both in bed for the night and didn’t wake until 12:45. Amazing. Then they fed and slept on top of me until 4:45. Even better. We were up by 6am. I was very happy.

I really needed it too. I was at sleep breaking point. Yesterday afternoon I planned to book the twins into the children’s day care at the gym, send Kristen upstairs to swim with the older boys and go to the sleep room for myself.

But yesterday the thunderstorms closed the pool. I changed the plan. Drop the older boys at the Children’s Museum with Kristen instead, then head to the gym with the twins. Ben fell asleep in the car on the way over and I could feel my much needed nap slipping from me. What should I do?

Thunderstorm Warning - Check out how my hair is standing straight up!

Luckily Kristen still has a functioning brain and suggested a stroller rental. Sixteen dollars and 20 cents later Ben was carted off asleep through Navy Pier.

I was so excited for my nap! Got to the gym and realized I, for the second week in a row, forgot to pay Kristen and it was the end of the week. This is what happens when you are a kept woman. I never deal with the money part of our life. Besides spending it, I don’t budget, pay bills or stress about it in any way. Now I was debating, should I go home and cut a check? There was no time to go back and get it before her shift ended. Again, what should I do? I really needed a nap. My eyes were closing walking into the gym.

I rang Adam. Poor guy had woke at 2am that morning to start work for the day. He was tired too. But he dropped everything, ran to the bank and got a cashier’s check so I could get my nap in. Thanks honey!

Big Brother Jack loves holding the Babies

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