Bubbie Wednesdays

The past two Wednesdays Bubbie has come by in the afternoons to help. Kristen has an internship that afternoon so I would be on my own without her.

When Adam is around Bubbie tends to gravitates to him, preferring to catch up with him rather than focus on the grandkids. I was worried she would want the same from me when she volunteered to help. And I’m not much for conversation these days! So you can imagine my surprise and delight when she managed to keep the older kids busy and occupied. This past week it even cleared up enough time for me to doze on the couch for a bit.

She has quite a childlike enthusiasm. The first week she climbed up and down the stairs all afternoon chasing the boys. They played hide and seek, read books, and other games. She was fully engaged the entire time. The next week she was on her hands and knees in a make shift tent under the dining room table, hiding from the bad guys with Jack and Ben.

It was exhausting just to watch.

She even managed, through determination and persistence beyond my capacity, to get Ben to clean up the toys in the basement.

She is SEVENTY THREE! She just came from her power class that morning at the gym! The woman has more energy than I do! She still rides a horse every week!

I wonder what she was like at my age. She must have been some force to reckon with.

Bubbie and the older boys hiding from "Bad Guys"

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