More Good Sleep

I thought Friday night’s treat of only waking twice was a fluke occurrence, but perhaps, just maybe, we are starting a wonderful new trend.

Both babies were in the crib by 9 pm last night. I didn’t hear a peep from the twin’s room until 1:15 in the morning! And it was just Aaron. Sam slept until 3 am! That’s a 6 hour stretch!!! I woke again at 5am for another feed, and again at 6am, which got me up for the morning. But I still felt better rested than I had in a while.

I have started to give the babies a lot more formula at night. If they cry out in the crib when I put them down, I try more formula. I just feed them up as much as possible before bed. Not sure if this is why they are starting to stretch or if it’s coincidence. I know my other two exclusively breast fed babies never did anything this miraculous.

I no longer hate formula. I no longer look at it with shame, upset that I don’t produce enough breast milk for both babies. I no longer feel inadequate. I now think the La Leche League really screwed me up. I now believe that formula is magic. Formula is good. Formula is my friend.

As a result of the longer sleep, I was much happier to see my other two boys in the morning. I didn’t wake up with my first thought being, “how can I fit more sleep in today?”

In fact, instead of going to the sleep room in the afternoon, we booked the babies at the gym and both Adam and I took the older boys swimming. Okay, with four kids it was a little more complicated than that. Ben fell asleep on the way over so I got a pedicure at the spa in the gym while Adam and Jack watched a movie in the car, waiting for Ben to wake. Then I met them upstairs at the pool for a quick swim.

Jack is so close to swimming!

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