Oz Park Baseball

Last summer we did a Lil’ Sluggers baseball class over the summer. It was mostly drills, hitting, throwing, catching, running bases. It was fast pace and kept the boys interested for the hour. My girlfriend Pam and I were able to sit on a blanket with our younger children and soak up the summer sun. Coach Jeff was amazing. However, now that the boys are 5, it’s time to move on to real baseball.

We signed him up for Oz Park Baseball which is the start of playing real baseball.

Adam took Jack to a specialty sports store for kids in the suburbs this weekend and kitted him out with new cleats, his first cup, a real baseball glove, baseball sock for sliding, and a semi soft baseball.

He was all ready, equipment wise. However, not sure if he’s quite ready for the sport yet. Here is a picture from his first practice…

I guess it's more important to protect the head than the hand?

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