A Surprise Lunch


Last month while I was entering the monthly birthday parties we were scheduled to attend into Adam’s calender, I stumbled upon the entry “Brunch for Nikki”.

Before I could stop myself, I asked what it was. Adam said nothing. It was at that moment I remembered my good friend Anna’s 30th birthday in Hong Kong. Her boyfriend was planning a surprise party for her. At every turn she tried to catch him doing it. Finally he got so annoyed he told her everything about the surprise. She was shocked. And speechless. I learned a valuable lesson that day. If someone is trying to clandestinely plan a surprise for you, let them. I never mentioned or asked about the brunch again.

The day for the ‘Brunch for Nikki” arrived last weekend. Adam rushed me to our regular brunch spot. It was just us and the kids. The day passed without surprise. I guessed it was cancelled.

This morning, however, Adam told me we were meeting some clients of his for lunch before one of the kiddie birthday parties we were attending. So, I dressed nice and made an effort. I wasn’t going to show up in my yoga sweats for clients!

Turns out the “clients” were 10 of my close friends holding a surprise lunch for me at Mercat!

It was a lovely lunch. Now that I have kids I appreciate how hard it is to ask your partner to cover them so you can go off with your friends to have fun. I was touched that not only all these busy women but their husbands also were willing to do that for me. As if that wasn’t enough, I received another spa gift certificate from the group!

Ironically last night when Adam and I were having pillow talk, I mentioned one of my new friends, Sarah, was moving to New Hampshire. Then I complained how I’ve tried to befriend a few new people but it just hasn’t worked out. I thought perhaps it was the universe trying to tell me that, after the twins were born, I would have no time for new friends. After today’s lunch, I think the real message is that I already have more than my share of wonderful, caring friends.

Thanks for organizing Cindy!

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