Pregnancy Update – Week 34

I have been a bit on edge all week. My plan for birthing the twins is to have my friend Carrie, who lives close by, cover my kids until my mother in law can make the long drive from the suburbs to the city and take over.

But this week both Carrie and my mother in law are out of town for Spring Break.

On top of this, I heard from a woman at Starbucks who had twins that a lot of people she knows gave birth at 34 weeks. So it was in the back of my mind all week.

My first non stress test last week did nothing to ease my fears. Adam took Ben for lunch while I went to the hospital. I was told by the nurse? resident? that the test only takes 20 minutes if all goes perfectly. But sometimes it’s hard to find the heart beat and sometimes they move away from the monitors and you have to start all over again. I laid on a hospital bed, propped up. The first time she strapped on the monitors, she found 2 strong heart beats. “Too easy” was her comment.

I was left alone in a room for 20 minutes where I promptly fell asleep. I’m like a narcoleptic these days, can fall asleep anywhere, anytime, and can stay some what asleep even if there is a toddle jumping on me. After 20 minutes, she returned. She asked if I felt any contractions. No, I was sleeping. She was asking because she saw a few on the monitor.

Contractions already?! Argh! I’m not ready! Apparently she said it doesn’t mean I should start packing my bags just yet. But it’s out there, and getting closer every day.

Pregnant with Twins, 34 Weeks

I’m starting to get very uncomfortable. My four little twinkle toes have turned into Olympic gymnasts. They have gotten so big they are starting to push under my ribs. And they are stretched the entire length of my abdomen. When I stand there is a lot of pressure on my bladder and ligaments. Much more than previous pregnancies. I swear there is a little hand punching my bladder a few times a day, resulting in a little leakage. That never happened before either.

The view of my belly from the front looks just like it did 2 days before I gave birth to Jack. Lopsided. And just… well, wrong.

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1 thought on “Pregnancy Update – Week 34

  1. I love reading your blog. You have such great things to say. I love keeping up with your pregnancy, too. I can’t believe that you are only 4 weeks away! That is amazing. I keep thinking about how you were torn about having another baby and now you have two. You are going to do great. I am excited to hear how it goes and when you deliver. Please put me on the delivery email. Love you! You can do it! 🙂

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