The Third Child

I always tell people that my husband and I have a very traditional marriage. He works, I stay at home, he carries the heavy furniture, I cook.

But in truth I think that if a couple from the 1950s looked at our marriage, really looked at it, they would beg to differ.

There are small things, like the fact that Adam has a better sense of style than I do, or that I can put a piece of IKEA furniture together a lot more effectively than he can. Certainly the fact that we can openly admit our opposite sex tendencies is a modern thing in itself.

I think the biggest thing that differs in our ‘traditional’ marriage is how many kids we want. He is pushing for 3 and I am still trying to figure out how to juggle 2.

I am so much more inattentive now that I’m a juggler. If my kids are playing in different areas of the park, one can only be watched from a distance. I certainly can’t hear and discipline the name calling, not sharing, and teasing I am sure is happening. But I’m too busy trying to keep my youngest from eating sand, running into a swinging kid, or falling off a play structure.

I am also way less cleanly. With Jack I would dutifully sweep the floors 3 times a day. When Ben came along the floor was lucky to get swept once a day. That old goldfish that I find laying on the floor? It doesn’t get thrown out, it gets eaten. Who has time to get up and throw something out?!

I am also a model of efficiency. A work out for me is also a jog to the park for the kids, while eating their breakfast too!

Ben will be 2 in July. Will I ever feel ready for a third? And if I am, how much more neglectful will I be? Will DCFS find out and take them away?

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