Are $3.75 cupcakes worth it?

I’m not saying we are experts in the culinary dessert world of Chicago. How could we be when Chicago rated as the 22nd fattest city in the America, according to Men’s Health?

Having said that, we do love our desserts. When I was pregnant we made the rounds and since we have had kids we have passed our knowledge down liberally.

Today we took them to Molly\’s Cupcakes. Their specialty is adding even more naughty to the cupcake by stuffing the cake bit of the cupcake with filling. Ben got the Cookie Monster, Jack the Cupcake Battered Filled one and I split the Boston Creme with my husband. I think I was falsely bolstered by all the skinny people in there at the time. I’m now thinking they were either from out of town or puking in the bathroom later.

What, you've never seen a frosting mustache before?

I must admit the swings instead of stools next to the bar, the sprinkle bar and the free use of board games was a great bonus.

Any more in there?

But I’m still not sure about the $3.75 price. Having said that, I don’t think most people agree. As you can see in the background, the seating area was filled of boxes full of orders for the day.



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