Morton Arboretum

I know I’ve blogged about it in the past but it mysteriously disappeared. The company hosting my website had no idea where my first set of blogs went so I am doing it again. The Morton Arboretum. I can’t praise it enough.

Another great day at the Arboretum

Every time we go we have a completely different experience. It’s humongous. Playgrounds, streams to play in, tadpole farms, rope bridges, and who knows what else. In fact we’ve only seen a very small part of it so far, mostly just the Children’s garden. But I’m looking forward to seeing much, much more!

Just be warned, bring a change of clothes. Your kids will be drenched.

Our membership expired for the Chicago Botanical Gardens so we renewed here. For $115 you can get 4 adults in (under 2 doesn’t count). And you can use your membership for the Arboretum to get in free to the Chicago Botanical Gardens which has a great train exhibit that Jack loves.


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