Petal Heads

One of my summer goals was to teach my last three kids to ride a bike.

Actually, this was one of my summer goals last summer. After many agonizing days of running behind each kid, stooped over, while the other kids took breaks, I achieved nothing.

I tried again this year with the same results. My back was killing me and we were no closer to our goal.

Then, at a birthday party for one of the twin’s friends, a parent told me about Petal Heads.

It’s a week long, three hour-a-day class right with many locations across America and Canada.

I signed the twins up a week before we went on our big RV trip, hoping they would learn to ride in time to rent bikes at Mackinac Island. IMG_0768 IMG_0771Within a week, they were both riding without training wheels! And my back didn’t hurt at all!

Biking the Lakefront while Jack was is in Golf class.

Biking the Lakefront while Jack was is in Golf class.

Ben was in school while the twins were at bike camp, so unfortunately he didn’t learn in time to bike Mackinac Island.IMG_0897

Ben rode tandem in Mackinac Island.

Ben rode tandem in Mackinac Island.

But having the twins learn before him was extremely motivating for Ben. The week we returned from our trip, Ben was enrolled for a week of Petal Heads.

At the end of every week of camp they have a bike parade.

I missed the twins parade because I was on a girls weekend with Lara. But at Ben’s parade, I noticed only one kid was still in training wheels.

Ben at the bike parade.

Ben at the bike parade.

I can’t say enough about this camp! I love how quickly the kids learned and how good my back felt while someone else did the work!

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